Our Approach

Crafts used to decorate a home or business should be something the owner can be proud of, should tell a story, and perhaps help to celebrate a special event. We look at every project as if it were going to be displayed in our own home and strive to create something both our customer and we can be proud of!

Our Story

After twenty-three years of law enforcement and a total of twelve years in the military, retirement is upon us. Idle hands tend to lead to nothing but trouble. Having enjoyed woodworking long ago, what better way to keep busy but share those talents with others? So here we are, making precision wood products for folks and hoping they get as much enjoyment in displaying them as we do making them!

I've got an idea...

Let us know what you are looking for. Just because it is not displayed here, does not mean we can't create it. We've got a deep background in both computer-aided design and computer graphic design. If you've got an idea in your head, we can most likely get it on paper and into a final product! Shoot us an email today!